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Ruian City Chongrui Machinery Plant
Telephone: 0577-65167780
Mobile: 13867795602
Contact: manager Chen
Email: 3223638314@qq.com
Add: No. 13-15, No. 1, Tong Road, Xia Village, Ting Tin Street, Ruian
  We adhere to the "technology is the root, innovation is the soul, talent is the" business philosophy, always put the talent as the enterprise development of the entrepreneurial, competitive, the development of the. With its unique talent recruitment methods, open career development space, excellent talent growth environment, an effective incentive mechanism to attract talent, so that enterprises become a gathering place for talent.
1 for the talent to create a good platform for development and space to do business to stay;
2 for various types of positions to implement a variety of preferential policies - so that people stay;
3 to create a good living and living environment, and constantly strengthen the affinity of the enterprise, cohesion - to do emotional retention.
  We will attract more talents to join us and create a better tomorrow!
The competition of enterprises is the competition of talents, and the competition between people's wisdom and power;
The competition of enterprises is the competition between a team and another team, which is a kind of competition between culture and another culture.
We sincerely welcome more people to join us, to create a better future for the community to contribute to the prosperity and development of China's power!